Welcome to the site of the Department of Biophysics, Institute of Physics, Marie Curie-Sklodowska University. Our department exists since 1995 and continues the research of the Biophysics Group which functioned within the General Physics Department from the mid-sixties. Until 1975 the Group was directed by assistant professor dr Jadwiga Skierczynska, and the research field was electrophysiology of the Characeae algae cells. Since 1975 we have been conducting spectroscopic research of pigments in solutions and lipid membranes. In the recent years the object of research have been the pigment-protein complexes. We use such methods as: absorption spectroscopy, fluorescence, Raman effect, electrochromism, DSC, monolayer on water surface. Two persons team deals with the mathematical modelling of the kinetics of enzymatic reactions. At the Department work three independent academic teachers, around whom a group of young scientific personnel is assembled. Since 1996 the Department maintains an academic specialization in biophysics for the students of physics from IV and V year, among whom it is quite popular.
Upon these pages you can find the information about the results of our research, basic info about the object of our interests, a few words about our personnel and students, picture gallery and links to interesting places on the internet.
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Jan Sielewiesiuk